Client Support
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At ENEVAL, our goal is to help companies achieve business targets and execute projects to meet industry requirements and all state, national and international requirements.
Our consultants are a specialized resource to provide the key analysis and information you need to optimize project efficiency. In our collaboration with clients, we bring deep resources — an active engagement in energy and environmental legislation — to bear. 
We are recognized and certified by the following entities in the United States.

  • Metro S/MBE
  • Houston Port Authority (S/MBE)
  • System for Award Management (U.S. Government including CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS)
  • City of Houston (pending)
  • Texas Historically Underutilized Business

Whether measuring and assessing specific equipment needs or providing recommendations to a project’s overall effectiveness, ENEVAL adds value to operations and help companies deliver success.